Go frictionless with Customer Journey IntelligenceTM

Journey IntelligenceTM for Utilities & Telecom

Improve customer experience and reduce cost-to-serve

Digital Adoption and Self Service

Use operational data to identify friction in customer journeys and sub-journeys and identify opportunities to increase digital adoption and self service. 

Transform events into customer journeys

Connect and visualize omnichannel event data within the enterprise to the entire customer journey.

Drive customer satisfaction

Uncover the interactions and behaviors that lead customers to have an increased propensity for being a detractor vs. a promoter in order to prioritize process improvements for the greatest lift in client delight.

Optimize your frontlines

Evaluate the impact that your branch and contact center have on the customer journey.

Client Testimonial

“BryterCX is very easy to work with, has very knowledgeable people, and the mapping analysis and reports give us the tools that we need to understand and improve our customer service processes.”

Director of Customer Program Management, Natural Gas Utility

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