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Stay ahead of your customers' expectations with true journey management solutions.


Transform omnichannel event data into a clear map of customer behaviors and journeys.


Discover paths to improve customer experience and achieve significant ROI.

Monitor and Measure

Monitor and measure against key benchmarks to remediate issues and improve customer experience in real-time.

J.D. Power and BryterCX

Cross-industry expertise and benchmarks powering your quest for customer experience excellence.

What our clients have to say

  • "Leveraging journey data within BryterCX, we were able to quickly understand the true magnitude of High Bill calls and identified a population to target for Billing Programs."

    Don Hodson, Director of Customer Engagement, Georgia Power

  • "BryterCX allows us to trace the multitude of things a customer does, and given what they do, how it affects the bottom line of our business."

    Lori Bieda, Head Analytics Centre of Excellence, BMO

  • "Applying BryterCX’s journey analytics has allowed us to drill deeply into critical customer engagement points such as our online and self-service phone platforms.  The insights and learnings gleaned from the analysis highlight where our clients encounter pain points, and how we can better serve them."

    John Rovegno, Senior Vice President – Global Operations Analytics, Citi Retail Service

  • "Journey analytics makes it possible to trace back to the very event, contextualized in time and sequence, where things began to go awry, the moment where a misunderstanding, incomplete details, or technical issues sent the user into a spiral of a bad customer experience."

    Global Director, Digital Transformation, Multinational IT services and consulting company

  • "Over the past 5 years BryterCX's Journey Analytics tools have proven to be key in changing the way we listen to, and understand, our customers. The insights the platform continuously delivers have driven critical digitization and complaint reduction initiatives for the bank."

    Managing Director for Analytics, CX and Experience Insights, Multinational investment bank

  • "Traditionally, insurers manage each lines of business as separate silos of decisions and cost management. But people are whole humans, and we have to look at this holistically. The excitement in the journey is when we actually see how this all comes together and to be able to manage the whole person towards a better end. That’s what we’re looking to uncover in the data."

    Chief Marketing Officer, Managed health care company 

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