What does reducing customer friction look like for my company?

Journey IntelligenceTM
is the new way to digital transformation

The BryterCX Journey Intelligence Platform provides visibility into the true end-to-end customer journey management solutions across channels and identifies points of friction that cause negative customer experiences.


Is your CX transformation strategy ready to take off?

Power personalized frictionless customer interactions and improve operating margins by 20% with Journey IntelligenceTM

The inspiration behind BryterCX and
Journey IntelligenceTM

J.D. Power and BryterCX

Cross-industry expertise and benchmarks powering your quest for customer experience excellence.

What our clients have to say

“Leveraging journey data within BryterCX, we were able to quickly understand the true magnitude of High Bill calls and identified a population to target for Billing Programs.”

Don Hodson, Director of Customer Engagement, Georgia Power

“BryterCX has been very helpful in supporting us on a near daily basis. Gaining a comprehensive view of behavioral changes across different channels along with many variables, they have enabled BPSO to stay focused on our customers’ needs.”

Stefania Villa, Advanced Analytics, Banca Poplare di Sondrio

“Applying BryterCX’s journey analytics has allowed us to drill deeply into critical customer engagement points such as our online and self-service phone platforms. The insights and learnings gleaned from the analysis highlight where our clients encounter pain points, and how we can better serve them.”

John Rovegno, Senior Vice President – Global Operations Analytics, Citi Retail Service

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