Go frictionless with Customer Journey IntelligenceTM

Journey Watch

Easily measure, monitor and manage your customers’ true journeys

Manage the customer journeys that matter to your organization

Digital Containment

Uncover the impact digital channels have on customer journeys and sub-journeys. Find ways to increase digital adoption and measure changes in your customers’ behavior to reduce costs and increase self-service.

CSAT and NPS Improvement

Understand customer experience by analyzing the entire journey behind the NPS or CSAT score. Identify customer pain points and create a more seamless experience to increase customer loyalty and happiness. 

Customer Retention

Monitor and identify at-risk customers. Identify friction points in your journeys to improve customer experience and reduce churn.

Frontline Optimization

Measure the impact your frontline has on the customer journey. Quickly understand the impact that upstream channels like digital and IVR have on your branch and contact center performance.

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