Want to know your company’s Journey Intelligence maturity?

IRIS™ is the easy answer for optimizing your Customer Experience and Operating Expense. Through machine learning, this AI breakthrough allows you to discover journey insights and opportunities with ease. IRIS™ uses proprietary journey scores and patented technology, giving you simple visual metrics and alerts to effortlessly measure, monitor and manage the health of your journeys. IRIS™ works efficiently with aggregated data, even from previously siloed sources, giving you a fast, complete, and accurate picture of your customer journeys.

Monitor and measure customer journeys to reduce churn, drive revenue and increase customer satisfaction.

Aggregate data from all customer touchpoints and analytics sources, online and off. Easily visualize, measure, monitor and optimize your customer journeys, all with BryterCX’s Journey Intelligence™ solution, IRIS™.

Track metric changes

Uncover what causes customer behavior changes across your channels. Review actionable data to fix issues and optimize your customer experience.

Detect anomalies and alert your team

Proactively respond to customer issues by identifying patterns and attributes that contradict historical behavioral patterns.

Measure impact to the bottom line

Track cost-per-interaction to understand the financial impact of any channel. Evaluate how changes across individual channels impact the entire enterprise.

What are the benefits?

  • Refine existing digital functionality and increase self-service usage
  • Utilize journey personas to improve marketing campaign conversion and program enrollment
  • Redesign customer journeys to maximize customer satisfaction and revenue
  • Identify root causes of complaints and low Net Promoter Score

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