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Path to Journey Intelligence Maturity: Part 3 – Scale

April 16, 2021

Stage 3 is an exciting time on the road to Journey Intelligence. Siloed departments are beginning to share data, which enables impactful omnichannel insights. Word of your success is making its way through business units and to executives, as the whole organization becomes more interested in your progress. You likely have C-level visibility and interest as well.

By this point your organization is using multiple tools and methodologies to actively manage and optimize many journeys. You’re making continual improvements and always troubleshooting new issues. You have the ability to monitor the impact of those changes. 

Continue mapping all of your most common journeys and see them through optimization. During this stage, journey mapping and optimization must be done on an ongoing basis, not just at a point in time.

Expand the number of data sources and the amount of data involved in journey management. You may still have data silos, but you have access to data across those silos. By this point, making cross-channel changes will begin to show value.

Here are your priorities for stage 3:

Improvements: Focus on cross channel improvement (for example, improving the website to lower call center volume). Address problems quickly.

Data: Expand your data model, consistently adding more layers and more touchpoints.

Mapping: More journeys and sub journeys are mapped. Operationalize what’s learned from Journey Intelligence for faster action and insights.

Adoption: Begin to expand to enterprise adoption (although full enterprise-wide adoption comes in the fourth stage, you should be moving in that direction in Stage 3).

ROI in Stage 3 is dramatic, easy to access, and easy to socialize. By this point you should be seeing an increase in success rate of self service, which leads to better customer retention & acquisition, better social sentiment, and a drastic reduction in unnecessary calls.

External Resources

External resources play a key role in driving success. As you proceed through the roadmap, you want to engage a partner who has extensive experience working with clients at the stage you aspire to in addition to experience with the stage through which you’re currently working.

Select a partner that has deep expertise with Stage 3 and Stage 4 customers in your industry, so they aren’t pushing you for unnecessary projects in Stage 3 but are ready to support your growth to Stage 4

If you’re already well on your way to Journey Intelligence, we can bring all the disparate tools you have under one roof, into one platform. We eliminate the need for multiple vendors and technology solutions by offering everything related to customer journeys in one platform: IRIS™ .

Firms that adopt a customer-journey-at-scale approach typically see:

  • 20-40% increase in customer advocacy
  • 15-25% cost reduction
  • 10-20% revenue increase

(source: Boston Consulting Group)

Move away from the concept of channel owners and towards a model of journey owners.

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