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Data Access Tip 2 – Find a Champion Who Will Mandate Data Sharing From The Top

June 15, 2021

A popular African proverb says “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”. Using your own data to demonstrate the ROI of Journey Intelligence is a great start, and you are ready to employ the help of a data champion to further improve your customer experience efforts.

External resources play a key role in driving customer experience success. As you proceed on your way to gain access to data, you want to engage a partner who has extensive experience working with other departments on a regular basis.

Enlist a C-level or executive champion with the political and social capital to collect the data you need. They don’t have to be in your business unit or in your chain of command; they need to be someone who has a “customer-first” attitude and philosophy. Find out what’s important to them and demonstrate how Journey Intelligence can help meet their goals. Everyone answers to someone, so help them look good!

Any customer intelligence suite worth your investment should have C-level visibility built in; dashboarding makes what you’re doing easily digestible and understandable to non-analysts. If you start with Tip #1 and create a case study with data from just one channel, it should be easy to prove value and ROI to an executive sponsor.

If companies would invest in customer experience to stay ahead of the competition, now they are investing to keep up. Good CX is a priority for most consumers who no longer settle for a mediocre experience.  

Start small and show ROI before expanding to other business units. A data-sharing champion will be fundamental to help you gain the necessary data and drive outstanding CX.

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