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BryterCX Helps Utility Companies Rise to Top 10 CX Rankings

Several BryterCX utility clients were highlighted in Verint’s most recent Customer Experience Index Report, outlining which U.S. electricity providers are winning in CX based on their customer experience score and NPS.

BryterCX utility clients all achieved a top 10 customer experience ranking (two of which are in the top three). This achievement was possible after deploying BryterCX’s journey management technology. A 17-year veteran in the journey management space, BryterCX empowers clients to make better business decisions in near real-time, giving them an unmatched tool in their CX arsenal.

Delivering winning experiences is directly tied to the bottom line, as demonstrated by Verint’s research. The report points out that when customers report having a great experience, utility companies see a 133% higher retention rate and 142% higher recommendation rate, 125% increase in provider trust, 66% higher digital-usage intent.

One of the difference makers for these utilities is using a platform like BryterCX to uncover data insights that lead to better human experiences. With BryterCX, companies go from disparate, disconnected, and overcomplicated journey solutions to a holistic view of the customer journey that enables rapid and informed decision-making to improve CX and business outcomes.

Powering BryterCX technology is journey intelligence, an approach that encompasses analytics, mapping, orchestration, and actionable dashboards. With these four components, companies powered by journey intelligence can have decision making at the speed of CX.

“It’s more than just state of the art technology. It’s a new way of delivering CX,” says Mike Torto, BryterCX CEO. “We align with clients who believe in the need for solutions that drive towards customer-delighting, company-revolutionizing results. Not only is it good business, it’s adding meaning to the end customers’ lives through business services that help them reach their goals.”

“This is what it takes to stay competitive in today’s marketplace,” says Chief Product Officer Mike Flynn who has been accelerating product development for the SaaS product to encompass capabilities that provide an omnichannel view of complex siloed data sets into highly intuitive dashboards showing trended data and journey performance based on a proprietary Journey Score.

“By enabling near real-time insights, BryterCX technology opens up a range of opportunities. Our AI capabilities help you know where to look for important insights and friction. You can then make changes to your journeys and monitor and adjust without the need for teams of analysts. The power is ultimately in the business user’s hands, giving leaders the capacity for rapid decision making and ROI tracking,” says Flynn.

As a partner to leading companies across utility services, BryterCX arms them with the analytical firepower to optimize journeys, helping them solve complex problems in order to increase operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth. Not only that, they experience over a 300% ROI on their investment according to a study by Forrester Research.

“Utility companies are working hard to keep up with the changing landscape in CX and to build comprehensive journey management programs that serve as business drivers. There are a lot of challenges with bringing together multiple departments and disparate data streams for complete CX enlightenment. We’re making it easier for them, with a comprehensive, game-changing tool that can do it all,” says David Lambert, Chief Revenue Officer.

BryterCX’s latest white paper on Demystifying Common Customer Journeys in Utilities is a good first step for utility companies looking to advance their journey intelligence efforts through journey mapping. The white paper reveals common customer journeys, offers some considerations that may help in planning these journeys, suggests common KPIs that will help measure success, and provides examples of leading companies that have figured it out. To download the white paper, visit: https://www.brytercx.com/white-paper/demystifying-common-customer-journeys-utilities/

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