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How J.D. Power & BryterCX Improved the Utility Digital Experience

Through BryterCX’s partnership with J.D. Power, we’re putting a stop to ‘data-less’ improvement strategies. Uniting the J.D. Power expertise in research with the BryterCX connected data engine, businesses can create a top-down opportunity list...

How Journey Analytics Spotlights Call Center Savings

The need to optimize service operations and manage their costs is a fundamental driver of modern business. Executives responsible for websites, mobile platforms, call centers, IVRs and other points of contact are vigilant for new savings opportunities...

Using Journey Data to Acquire and Retain Customers

By Gerry Lynch, Vice President, Mastercard Turning data into effective journey analytics solutions Today’s customer journey continues to become increasingly more complex. Consumers, for example, may interact with financial institutions at multiple...

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Financial Services

Using journey analytics, financial services organizations are able to see a myriad of customer journey detail. Find out how one bank improved their process and web platforms after evaluating in-depth customer journey data. 


Reducing customer service call volume is a frequently cited objective for many businesses. And with a customer base of nearly 100 million subscribers, like that of a major US wireless carrier, those challenges are amplified dramatically. 


Most companies think they know what’s happening with their customers. The truth is that customer journey analysis almost always leads to finding the unexpected, empowering companies to see what’s really happening with their customers across channels.

The Total Economic Impact™ of BryterCX

Achieve 321% ROI for your organization

Achieve significant ROI while improving customer experience with the BryterCX Journey Management Suite. Our platform transforms omnichannel event data into a map of customer journeys and behaviors. The platform will allow you to monitor and measure your customers' journeys against key benchmarks to identify issues with your customer service processes. To learn more, download the free TEI report.

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