What does reducing customer friction look like for my company?

Professional Services

Customer needs and wants are always changing, but two things remain constant: the demand for a seamless experience and the need to accomplish actions and goals that add meaning to one’s life.

Industry leading companies know this and trust us to navigate the changing trends, optimize their customer journeys, and deliver meaning and value. Through our technology and expertise, companies gain the insights needed to take their customer experience to the next level and transform their business.

Why Work with Us

Powered by our two decades of journey expertise and industry-leading processes, companies are able to progress through the stages of journey intelligence maturity, from discovery to enterprise adoption. Our clients benefit from our comprehensive analytics and data offerings, as well as our consulting and advisory services. These are tailored to individual company needs and are designed to help companies drive at unique solutions. By working with us, companies likes yours are able to build a robust journey management program that serves as a business driver and elevates their CX.

Analytics and Data

With our expertise in journey analytics, we help companies to best leverage their data by providing:
  • Analytic insights. Our analysts develop recommendations rooted in deep data insights on critical metrics of the business, from call center optimization to digital effectiveness and customer personas.
  • Journey data tagging. This foundational work is critical to identifying and categorizing journey information.
  • Journey health monitoring. Democratizing the metrics used to evaluate your customers’ experience allows the enterprise to prioritize initiatives and monitor the impact of changes.
  • ML/AI modeling. Companies often rely on us to sharpen existing ML/AI models. Our ML/AI experts can structure your data and get it into existing models or build new models that are enriched with behavioral data from journeys.
  • Data health check. We complete a thorough assessment of your data, reviewing sources and ensuring that the right information is captured, stored, and structured.
  • Managed services. We are able to provide staff support for your internal teams, adding the resources needed to exponentially advance your journey management work.

Consulting and Advisory

With the support of our professional services team, companies are able to unlock even deeper customer journey insights. Our team can provide support with:
  • Journey taxonomy definition. Companies starting on the path to journey intelligence maturity will need to define consistent journey taxonomy, which serves as the foundation for a customer journey-centric enterprise. Doing this foundational work will support more effective journey mapping and analytics.
  • Strategy and activation. Setting a course for journey management and optimization is best completed with the support of journey experts. Our consultants will work with you to conduct discovery, hold workshops, and map out and operationalize a plan for CX transformation.
  • Training and enablement. Comprehensive platform training and support is provided for all levels of users, including building an independent analytic Center of Excellence through enabling internal resources to become journey analysts.
  • Comprehensive platform support through training and enablement. Your team is equipped for success with the help of our knowledgeable team. Going through the training program will help you get as much as possible out of the platform.
  • Managed services. We are able to provide staff support for your internal teams, adding the resources needed to exponentially advance your journey management work.

Are you willing to invest $0.15 per customer per year for the journey intelligence you need to win them for life?

Client Testimonial

BryterCX is very easy to work with, has very knowledgeable people, and the mapping analysis and reports they helped us build gave us the tools we needed to understand and improve our customer service processes.

– Director of Customer Program Management, Fortune 500 National Gas Utility

For Results That Will Revolutionize Your Business

Working closely with each client, our dedicated professional services team is able to provide the support and resources needed to advance journey management for your company and achieve the following results:

Improve digital containment

BCX helped a leading Insurance Provider save $400,000 annually; decrease prescription error rates by 42%; and reduce refill time by 11%.

Enhance marketing strategy to target subsets of customers

A North American utility leader leveraged BCX data to enhance their marketing strategy focused on customers who failed to pay their bills. This resulted in $1.9M in annual savings and increased customer engagement.

Reduce churn

BCX helped a leading Wireless Provider develop and implement new customer treatment strategies based on behavioral data, identifying an at-risk customer opportunity of $100M in revenue.

Reduce friction points in customer journeys

BCX helped a top European Retail Bank identify the most flawed customer experiences, helping the company save $2M annually in inquiries.

Reduce dispatch rates and truck rolls

With BCX’s help, a leading Telecommunications Company saved $10M in annual costs by making customer experience improvements to their IVR and call center.

Reduce operational costs

A Natural Gas Provider with 2.4 million customers used BCX’s solution to investigate impact of bills with high balances on operations, identifying opportunity to remove over 140K high bill calls from the contact center annually and reduce costs.

Reduce customer complaints

BCX helped a Telecom and Wireless Provider significantly reduce complaints by leveraging journey mapping of the roaming process and alerting of at-risk customers.

Enhance onboarding

BCX helped a Wireless Provider understand and improve the retail store activation process resulting in 3.4M annual call reduction and cost savings of $15.3M.

Improve Net Promoter Score

Top US Retail Bank worked with BCX to identify opportunities to improve its consistently declining NPS scores by 5-8% for high-profit customers using the mobile app

Reduce call center volume

The BCX platform was used to generate a complete cross-channel view of customer journeys for a Fortune 500 Natural Gas Distributor, helping them identify opportunities to reduce call volume by 18%, saving over $700K.

Monitor journey health to prioritize resources

BCX helped a Telecom Provider with over 60 million customers and billions of transactions across multiple channels optimize their operational process resulting in $15.3M reduction in expenses.

Improve cross-channel business rules

BryterCX helped a Fortune 500 Natural Gas Provider achieve a 20% reduction in payment extension plans through refinement of business rules.

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