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Capgemini & BryterCX Raise the Bar for Customer Experience

By BryterCX and Alvi Abuaf, Sr. VP Head of Financial Services, Capgemini

Business owners have long had to make decisions based on data managed, massaged, and analyzed by others, all the while crossing their fingers and hoping that what they had in hand was accurate for how to improve customer experience.

That scenario is untenable for the new class of analytics-savvy business executives. There is no more line in the sand between an enterprise’s back office and front office needs. The front office owns data, makes decisions on data, and is transforming operations to reveal value-added data.  Back-office functions are carefully observed and altered by the front office.

It is this new reality that demanded collaboration between Capgemini and BryterCX. Clients themselves suggested it even as we were discussing it among ourselves. Capgemini has been trusted with the back office for years while BryterCX is redefining front office insight. The collaboration between Capgemini and BryterCX empowers chief marketing officers, chief data officers, and CEOs with direct access to views of their data from the top level to the most granular. Now, a decision on data is immediately seen by the business. A decision on business is reflected in the data. All the data about customer interactions become available to support decisions.

With banks, insurance companies, and other types of financial institutions more focused than ever on growth, there is an intense focus on improving customer journeys. Businesses are increasingly sensitive to how they interact with customers who are demonstrably more impatient with a dissatisfying status quo. The expectations of today’s customers are higher every day, informed by contact not only with other fintechs, but by all interactions across a digital landscape that stretches from Amazon to Zillow.

The collaboration between Capgemini and BryterCX integrates BryterCX customer journey analytics and the tools to explore the omni-channel journey, online and offline, with Capgemini capabilities in consulting, strategy, analytics, journey design, data science, and the cloud.

That breadth is needed by businesses who have to solve the challenge of keeping their customers digital to reduce costs and improve satisfaction. Using BryterCX reveals in detail where customers drop out of the digital realm and land in physical channels. BryterCX gives transparency to customer experience problems and reveals patterns so that the optimal improvements can be applied to enhance digital channel performance. That clarity also creates valuable opportunities to cross-sell. It makes it possible to recognize customer patterns that lead to revenue and then change subsequent digital interactions on the fly so that more customers follow that journey.

We want to help companies thrive at a time when the nature of customer interaction is changing. For example, the auto policy customer who used to be committed to one company as they replaced cars over the years is trending toward a more opportunistic relationship in their search for the best experience. That change requires companies to sell more dynamically. They need to be more aware of and responsive to aberrations in their digital channels to prevent frustrated customers from churning, to help prospective customers buy, and to minimize the time-to-revenue cycle.

These conditions underscore the potential of this collaboration. Capgemini clients already had the benefit of the company’s journey analytics expertise. BryterCX weaves essential technology and platform knowledge into that fabric, creating new opportunities to help businesses. Together Capgemini and BryterCX have established a Center of Excellence staffed by experts in analytics and data, drawing upon Capgemini’s subject matter expertise, and highly skilled in deriving the maximum benefit from BryterCX journey analytics tools.

Another result is the emergence of journey analytics as service or JAaS. JAaS changes journey analytics from something perceived as a luxury to something that a small company, or a part of a larger company, can consider. A business may have just a single, but absolutely, critical need such as encouraging 200,000 daily digital consumers to spend more time and money on a website.  A company may not be in a position to invest in building out platforms, technologies, and personnel, but they do need the deliverables. JAaS makes it possible for such companies to address their most impactful journey challenges either by augmenting internal teams or as an end-to-end service packaged to address their specific needs.

Journey analytics applies to every life and business situation, from paying a bill to buying groceries. Each scenario is a construct of a massive number of interactions that describe the customer’s experience. We believe that every business will benefit by continually getting answers to the question, “Could that experience have been better?”

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