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BryterCX for Contact Centers
Uncover contact center efficiencies with a unified view across IVR and call center

In 2020, customer experience hinges on the contact center.

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, contact centers are experiencing staggering increases in call volume, repeat calls and hold times. Contact center leaders strive to maintain service reliability with reduced staff and many agents are working from home with fewer resources. Customers, many of which are used to support from branch or retail locations, are forced to navigate IVRs and are looking to agents for answers to complex inquiries.

How BryterCX can help 

BryterCX is helping some of the world’s leading contact centers navigate this crisis with deep CX analysis. Traditional contact center reporting is siloed, complex and does not align with the customer experience. We measure call center analytics through true IVR completion rates to provide a deeper understanding of customer friction points and easily identify ways to improve IVR self-service applications to handle calls before they get to an agent. Our contact center solutions give unified insight into both IVR and call center analytics, supervisors can get to the root cause of repeat calls and pinpoint areas of opportunity in agent performance to accelerate call resolution.

Increase IVR Self-Service Completion

Understand abandonment points in IVR self-service applications that are impacting completion rates and increasing agent call volume. 

  • Where are your customers abandoning the IVR?

  • Which steps are not clear to the caller?

  • Are callers inputting valid responses?

  • What improvements can be made to improve self service? 

Boost Agent Productivity

Drill down into individual metrics with an agent performance heat map. Identify targeted training opportunities to increase first call resolution and CSAT.

  • Daily repeat caller rate

  • Call types with repeats

  • Repeat call rates by call reason

  • Trended repeat call rates

  • Transfer rates per agent

  • NPS per repeat caller rate

  • “BryterCX  helped shift contacts away from expensive agent channels to the less expensive and more convenient IVR channel — and ushered in a significant shift in calls to online options. ” 


    Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM Study Commissioned By BryterCX, August 2019 

What our clients are saying

“We can finally trace the multitude of things a customer does – and given what they do – how it affects the bottom line of our business.”

Lori Bieda, Head of Analytics Centre of Excellence, Bank of Montreal

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