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Journey Analytics Begins Where Journey Mapping Ends

The concept of a customer ‘journey’ is not new. These original ‘journeys’ were largely relegated to single channel views that reflected traditional business silos. Mobile journeys were run by the mobile team. Call center journeys were managed by...

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CX Decision Making Requires a Wider Lens

Not long ago, a travel website ran an ad that caught my attention. It starts with a lovely image of sun-dappled waves lapping softly against pristine, powdery sand – the kind of scene of which vacation dreams are made. Then, the camera pulls back...

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An Easy Roadmap to Complex Customer Journey Measures

Even seemingly simple journeys are complex, multidimensional constructs. It might help to compare journeys to something like DNA—not the static diagram of a middle school textbook, but a 3D model of intricate protein pairings that are rotating, spinning...

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The Business Value of Clustered Customer Journeys

The Basics of Digital Containment Digital containment is one of the mainstay use cases of customer journey analytics. In its simplest form, the digital containment use case requires just two data sources: the digital channel (web or mobile)...

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