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Data Access Tip 1 – Start With Your Own Customer Data and Show That It Works

June 8, 2021

Journey Intelligence™ is a centralized, omnichannel understanding into what customers did in the past, what worked and didn’t, what needs fixing, what they are likely to do in the future, and how to improve their experience to drive revenue and cost savings.

But in order to build such a comprehensive and insightful Journey Intelligence™ program, you need data. Unfortunately for most enterprises, this data exists in silos.

What are data silos?

Briefly put, a silo is an insular management system, or a collection of information that is isolated from and not shared with other parts of the organization. Meaning one department in your organization is unwilling to share their data with you.

This can happen for a variety of reasons, but the most important one will always be the same: company culture.

Let’s take a call center for example:

A call center executive trying to understand points of failure probably needs website and mobile app data to understand how and why customers got to the call center in the first place.

The owner of that digital data may not be inclined to spend her team’s time and resources on making sure he gets that data, for a myriad of reasons. Maybe she’s concerned he will throw her under the bus for the failures of the digital channel. She may be afraid the project will identify a hundred new priorities her team now has to work on. She may simply be busy with her own projects and priorities.

Multiply this dynamic by dozens of channels and silos, and it may feel impossible to get the data you need to make real inroads in understanding, managing, and optimizing the customer journey.

So what can you do?

Even a single channel or business unit holds a tremendous amount of value and potential. If you were to use only contact center data with no access to any other data silos, you could still:

  • Reduce agent-handle time
  • Reduce repeat calls
  • Reduce agent-to-agent transfer
  • Improve IVR (Interactive Voice Response) containment.

Use your own experience and data to show executive sponsors and other business units the potential of a Journey Intelligence approach. Start small, with only one journey and two touchpoints (agent and IVR or web and mobile, depending on your scope of influence). You’ll soon be able to make the case to broaden and expand your Journey Intelligence efforts.

Data silos happen for a variety of reasons but the answer is almost always the same: Show the value of Journey Intelligence using your own data.

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