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Path to Journey Intelligence Maturity: Part 4 – Enterprise Adoption

April 21, 2021

Stage 4 is the pinnacle of Journey Intelligence, when organizations are able to harness the full power of the journey-centric approach across the enterprise. Enterprise-wide adoption means all business owners and executives are using journeys to manage and understand CX. KPIs in company reporting have a journey focus.

In this stage, virtually everyone in your company should be aware of your efforts to embrace Journey Intelligence. Each person should know journey scores the same way they may have once known NPS scores. There is real cultural enthusiasm and broad awareness of journey management as you’re viewing your entire CX operation through the lens of Journey Intelligence.

Data silos have been eliminated, and you’re operating as a fully omnichannel organization.

Most journeys and sub-journeys are optimized, and teams are working to proactively change customer journeys, rather than just reacting to challenges. You’re able to explore journey health trends in real-time.

You have done the hard work and have a customer-obsessed organization. Your job in Stage 4 is never to rest on your laurels. Your priorities should include:

Improvements: You are making continuous improvements and high-value predictions, using journeys to drive meaningful change in your business.

Journeys: Reconceive journeys from the ground up and design them proactively. Implement agile analytics and agile deployments for all journeys, even those that have non-digital components.

Data: All your disparate data sources have been organized and integrated for maximum value. You have a set of tiered dashboards with information relevant to every stakeholder.

Adoption: Operationalize Journey Intelligence by linking journey scores to executive bonuses.

In Stage 4, you’re going to experience dramatic ROI in all the same areas as in Stage 3, but turbocharged:

  • Service costs reduced by 12-18%
  • Digital channels see 6-12% increase in containment
  • NPSAT and CSAT increase 2-6 points
  • Revenue increases
  • Identifying problem areas is much faster and easier
  • Channel operational and efficiency goals exceeded

Understanding that today’s marketplace requires customer obsession, BryterCX pioneered Journey Intelligence to give enterprises a comprehensive, unified view of the customer journey.

If you’re just embarking on Journey Intelligence, we can help you map out one or two high-impact journeys, understand them, orchestrate experiences, identify friction points, and improve the customer experience.

If you’re already well on your way to Journey Intelligence, we can bring all the disparate tools you have under one roof, into one platform. We eliminate the need for multiple vendors and technology solutions by offering everything related to customer journeys in one platform: IRIS™.

Enterprise-wide adoption means all business owners and executives are using journeys to manage and understand CX. KPIs in company reporting have a journey focus

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