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Data Access Tip 3 – Partner With Another Business Unit

June 15, 2021

Relevant data expands your opportunities to generate revenue, but proper analytics and decision-making can only be achieved through appropriate data sharing. While we won’t delve into the ethics of data silos, it is important to understand another business unit’s hesitation of sharing data.

For example, an insurance call center executive trying to understand points of failure probably needs website and mobile app data to understand how and why customers got to the call center in the first place. The owner of that digital data may not be inclined to spend her team’s time and resources on making sure he gets that data, for a myriad of reasons. Maybe she’s concerned he will throw her under the bus for the failures of the digital channel. She may be afraid the project will identify a hundred new priorities her team now has to work on. She may simply be busy with her own projects and priorities.

Each department might use data to draw their own insights and make decisions independently. While it works in theory, the lack of an omnichannel system prevents the entire organization from operating as a single unit under a shared vision.

The contact center and digital channels are natural partners because what happens in one affects the other. They can also be natural “enemies” for the same reason. Go out of your way to befriend the business leader of the channel most complementary to yours.

If there is a data standoff, you may need to be the first to break it by offering to share openly, even if they are not yet reciprocating. Ask what they need and what’s important to them before asking for anything in return. Build trust and become allies.

Alternatively, incentivize channel owners based on Journey Scores. Once leaders of different channels see a personal benefit to participating in the project, they may be more likely to do it. Also, if call center metrics improve because of changes to the website, make sure everyone is rewarded and recognized, not just the call center.

The goal is not about blaming channels or touchpoints or about finding fault with individuals.

Create an environment where the head of digital can feel free to say, “Our ‘open-a-new-account’ customer journey is deeply flawed,” without fearing retribution.

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