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Demystifying Customer Journeys in the Insurance Industry

May 26, 2021

Customers have access to more research and price comparison tools than ever before. Insurance companies are interacting with customers further down in the decision-making funnel than at any other time. Not only that, but many of the interactions are shifting from agent to online platforms.

This means that once people become customers, interactions are often fraught with high expectations, high stakes, and long wait times (an average claim can take 45-60 days to process). As a result, insurance customer journeys may be slightly longer and more complex than in other industries. However, it’s still possible to map and understand them.

Providing a good customer experience matters. In fact, Forrester estimates that for every one point increase in customer experience, a large home or auto insurance company can realize $212 million in revenue. Providing a good experience in one type of insurance opens up tremendous upsell opportunities for other lines of business.

How can journey mapping support your organization during the digital transformation in the Insurance industry, and which customer journeys are most important? Download the white paper to find out!


Digital containment: the practice of encouraging customers to use self-service, digital channels by providing a superior customer experience.

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