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Debunking Myths on Messy Data

June 22, 2021

Bottom line is, everyone has messy data, until they don’t.

We hear it all the time from customers who are ready to embrace journey intelligence but think they can’t until and unless the data is all organized in an accessible taxonomy. The problem is that absolutely no one has their data organized until they start with a small, scalable project to improve it.

If your data is a mess, it doesn’t make sense to make it worse by adding new customers and additional touchpoints. It won’t ever get cleaner on its own. It will only get messier and more complex. Moreover, if the data isn’t organized, no amount of fancy analytics will be able to pull good insights out.

Myth: In order for my data to be useful, I need a customer data platform (CDP): a unified customer database that is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned, and combined in order to create a single customer profile.

Reality: Your raw customer data will be more useful when it comes to starting a Journey Intelligence program than a CDP. A CDP is a noble goal, but it’s incredibly expensive and time consuming, and you don’t need it to get started. All you need to get started is some key data across some basic touchpoints.


  • Contact center (agent desktop and IVR)
  • Digital (web and mobile)


  • Who is the customer?
  • What did they do?
  • When did they do it?

Starting small with this approach can inform which data is valuable enough to warrant inclusion in a CDP when you have the time and budget to make one.

Myth: It will take a year or more to organize data, and it will cost millions of dollars and deliver low ROI.

Reality: Once you have the raw data, we can organize the data required to enable Journey Intelligence into an actionable taxonomy in a matter of weeks. It doesn’t have to break the bank, and can deliver ROI within a very short time frame.

Myth: Data taxonomy has no ROI. It’s just the painful, tedious prep work needed to start Journey Intelligence, but has no benefits by itself.

Reality: That actionable taxonomy that we can create in a matter of weeks? Once it’s organized, it will start delivering key insights instantly.

Within a month or less of handing your data over to BryterCX, you will have access to the following kinds of insights:

  • A stacked rank of reasons for repeat calls
  • A list of which pages lead to agent calls
  • A ranking of which teams and functions have higher rates of agent transfers
  • Analysis of which IVR prompts have the highest leakage to an agent

These kinds of insights can deliver ROI immediately. In fact we have many customers who use the considerable ROI from this first stage of the process to fund a more extensive program in the future.

Myth: Even if I get my data organized, it will be way too hard to maintain. I don’t have time to download, process, and send batches of data on a daily or weekly basis.

Reality: You won’t have to. BryterCX is developing APIs that turn updating data from a manual process to a fully automated and automatic process.

“You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Accordingly, you can’t monetize what you don’t manage. A failure to quantify the actual and potential value of your company’s data can lead to complacency in the way it is governed, integrated, transformed and made accessible.”

– Doug Laney, Gartner

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