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Debunking Myths on Messy Data – Data Taxonomy Has No ROI

August 11, 2021

Myth: Data taxonomy has no ROI. It’s just the painful, tedious prep work needed to start journey intelligence but has no benefits by itself. 

Reality: The actionable taxonomy that we can create in a matter of weeks, once organized, will start delivering key insights instantly.

Taxonomy is the classification of data into categories, groups, journeys, and activities to ultimately understand the intent of customer behavior. This serves as the foundation for any journey-centric enterprise.

Every customer interaction is supported by data, which means every decision to improve your customer experience must begin with understanding their journey through data.

Within a month or less of handing your data over to BryterCX, you will have access to the following kinds of insights:

  • A stacked rank of reasons for repeat calls
  • A list of which pages lead to agent calls
  • A ranking of which teams and functions have higher rates of agent transfers
  • Analysis of which IVR prompts have the highest leakage to an agent

These kinds of insights can deliver ROI immediately. In fact, we have many customers who use the considerable ROI from this first stage of the process to fund a more extensive program in the future.

Organizing your data and establishing a taxonomy will provide value for other applications and uses beyond just journey mapping. Most importantly at this stage, you are creating a meaningful foundation for incredible ROI in the future, not to mention ensuring the organization establishes a proactive and strategic CX vision.

Data taxonomy is the first step in supporting your CX efforts, from journey mapping to analytics.

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