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Debunking Myths on Messy Data – Maintaining Data Taxonomy

August 30, 2021

Myth #4 – My data will be too hard to maintain

Even if I get my data organized, it will be way too hard to maintain. I don’t have time to download, process, and send batches of data on a daily or weekly basis.

The journey taxonomy serves as the foundation for the customer journey-centric enterprise. Once you’ve begun to develop a consistent language across the organization to define specific activities and events within your data sets, you start looking at future data and how it will be structured.

Reality: Leverage our automation capabilities

BryterCX is developing APIs that turn updating data from a manual process to a fully automated and automatic process. That means that once your data taxonomy has been established, machine learning will ensure that all your incoming data is accurately sorted.

The longer you wait, the more data you will have to process. With IRIS™, our flagship technology platform, we use AI and machine learning to make the lessons we’ve learned from two decades of journey expertise available to companies of all sizes.

If you’re just embarking on Journey Intelligence, we can help you map out one or two high-impact journeys, understand them, orchestrate experiences, identify friction points, and improve the customer experience.

If you’re already well on your way to Journey Intelligence, we can bring all the disparate tools you have under one roof, into one platform. We eliminate the need for multiple vendors and technology solutions by offering everything related to customer journeys in one platform: IRIS™.

Manually maintaining data taxonomy can be difficult and time consuming. Automate this process with BryterCX’s API.

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