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Debunking Myths on Messy Data – Cost & ROI

July 15, 2021

Myth: It will take a year or more to organize data, and it will cost millions of dollars and deliver low ROI.

We’ve worked with organizations who pay consultants millions of dollars to map out and create visuals for every conceivable persona and journey. Once the project is done, they put the maps in a binder and store them away.

But to debunk this myth, we must first understand the fundamentals of data taxonomy:

Taxonomy is the classification of data into categories, groups, journeys, and activities to understand the intent of customer behavior. Unorganized data leaves a lot of gaps in the customer experience understanding (read our data taxonomy article to find out how you can get all your ducks in a row).

Through the development of this hierarchy, you define the structural framework that supports the classification of data. In short, taxonomy organizes the data of all customer interactions with your organization.

Reality: Once you have the raw data, we can organize the data required to enable Journey Intelligence into an actionable taxonomy in a matter of weeks. It doesn’t have to break the bank and can deliver ROI within a very short time frame.

Using Machine Learning and AI, BryterCX can help you automate your data processes to draw a complete customer journey, from the user’s first interaction to the last. From here on you can determine which journeys are most important and will deliver the most ROI.

With IRIS™, our flagship technology platform, we use AI and machine learning to make the lessons we’ve learned from two decades of journey expertise available to companies of all sizes.

Journey Intelligence does not have to be difficult, overwhelming, or expensive. A journey always begins with a first step and we’ll help you take yours today.

Since thriving in today’s marketplace requires customer obsession, BryterCX pioneered Journey IntelligenceTM to give enterprises a comprehensive, unified view of the customer journey.

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