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Demystifying Customer Journeys in the Financial Industry

May 20, 2021

Research predicts that there will be more than 3.6 billion online and mobile banking users by 2024. In fact, mobile and online banking prevalence is expected to grow 54% compared to 2020. (Source: Fortunly)

Customers interact with their bank regularly. As a result, whenever customers use digital channels, there is a tremendous opportunity to reduce operational costs through digital containment and reduced branch visits.

Improving the customer experience (CX) in a banking journey has huge potential dividends. Forrester estimates that for every one point of improvement in CX index score, banks realize an incremental increase of $123 million dollars. (Source: Forrester)

Some larger companies are already doing complex, thorough journey analytics by mapping, orchestrating, and dashboarding customer experiences. The next step to transforming your efforts into journey intelligence is to bring it all under one roof. Download the whitepaper and learn about customer journeys in the Financial Industry.


If you’re just now embarking on Journey Intelligence, we can help you map out one or two high-impact journeys, understand them, identify friction points, and improve the customer experience.

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