What does reducing customer friction look like for my company?

With BryterCX organizations achieve significant ROI while creating better customer experiences.

Our Company

BryterCX is the Customer Journey IntelligenceTM company, providing end-to-end customer journey solutions designed to take your customer experience to the next level. Comprised of journey mapping, monitoring, analytics and orchestration technologies, our flagship platform IRISTM connects your organization’s siloed data into a single, omnichannel view and provides actionable insights in near real time. Powered by two decades of journey expertise and industry-leading processes, we’ve enabled customer-focused organizations to gain significant competitive advantages, unlike any other customer experience solution.

Our Philosophy

Journey IntelligenceTM is a game-changing philosophy that unifies and simplifies analytics, mapping, orchestration software, and visualization technologies all into one powerful, integrated approach. Companies can make informed choices by truly listening to their customers with rapid and accurate data that allows them to improve their experience and elevate their brand. With Journey Intelligence from BryterCX, companies are able to make improvements to their customer experience and drive better business outcomes by seeing the full picture.

Our Product

IRISTM is the easy answer for optimizing your customer experience and operating expense. Through machine learning, this AI breakthrough allows you to discover journey insights and opportunities with ease. IRISTM uses proprietary journey scores and patented technology, giving you simple visual metrics and alerts to effortlessly measure, monitor, and manage the health of your journeys. IRISTM works efficiently with aggregated data, even from previously siloed sources, giving you a fast, complete, and accurate picture of your customer journeys.

By the Numbers


Years of expertise transforming CX for some of the world’s largest brands in finance, telecommunications, utilities, and insurance


Unique algorithm and software patents


Patents considered foundational to advanced journey analytics


Employees with deep knowledge of customer journey management


Millions of delighted customers due to BryterCX technology

Company Values & Corporate Responsibility Strategy

Our daily work is guided by values that we look for in each other and ourselves. We strive to Create with Purpose and Passion, Own with Accountability, Collaborate with Respect to Earn Trust, and to Deliver Excellence. We hope that each of these values can be found in our work for BryterCX as well as in how we live our lives. To bring more focus on how we live out these values, we have three pillars we build our corporate and social responsibility initiatives under as we believe they encompass the reach of our human experience.
  • People: We invest in our employees’ health and wellbeing so they feel cared for, engaged, and valued.
  • Volunteering and Contributions: We give back to our communities and involve ourselves in service that offers better opportunities for everyone.
  • Our Planet: We look for ways to streamline operations and reduce our ecological footprint to continue the fight for a sustainable future.

Notable Impacts for 2020


Employees donated to over 10 causes of their choice, supporting grassroots social justice efforts nationally and locally


Community giving in 2020


Events for creating connection, from employee focused lunch and learns and happy hours, to mindfulness challenges, book clubs, and wellness opportunities


Transitioned to a remote work environment, eliminating the need for 90+ vehicles to commute to an office location, saving an estimated 400 metric tons of carbon emissions per year

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